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LVD, EMC and RED testing

We carry out tests of electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with the requirements of standards harmonized with the LVD, EMC and RED directives. We test both general-purpose equipment as well as automation components, measurement systems or medical devices.

We carry out tests of electrical and electronic products within the scope of accreditation in the field covered by the LVD, EMC and RED directives, among others for the following product groups:

  • lighting equipment;
  • electronic equipment and home appliances;
  • medical devices, including for in vitro diagnostics;
  • office and IT equipment, including radio equipment;
  • radio equipment in the field of Home Automation;
  • automatic electric and electronic regulators;
  • electronic measuring devices;
  • industrial appliances for heating water, premises and refrigeration;
  • devices for cleaning and humidifying air as well as air conditioning;
  • personal care devices;
  • power tools;
  • electrical and non-electrical equipment, components and systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres;
  • electrical and electronic equipment for the automotive industry (automotive).