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  • 2006/42/EC – MD

    2006/42/EC – MD

  • 2014/30/EU – EMC

    2014/30/EU – EMC

  • 2014/53/EU – RED

    2014/53/EU – RED

  • 2014/34/EU – ATEX

    2014/34/EU – ATEX

  • DRONs Certification

    DRONs Certification

  • Certification of Compliance

    Certification Of Compliance

Providing customers and users with the safety of using products available on the market is the main idea of the obligation of CE marking

Oznakowanie CE​

2006/42/EC – MD

The mandatory conformity assessment program within the scope of the Machinery Directive covers products listed in Annex IV of the Directive.

A summary of the positive mandatory assessment of a product within the scope of the Machinery Directive is the issuance of an EC Type Examination Certificate.

2014/30/EU – EMC

The aim of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is to maintain emission levels of disturbances as well as levels of immunity to disturbances to the extent that trouble-free cooperation of various electrical and electronic devices.
We confirm the compliance of the products with the essential requirements of the EMC Directive (according to harmonized standards).
We also help to choose the right technical solutions to minimize the emission of disturbances into the environment and to improve immunity to the disturbance emitted by other devices.
2014/30/EU – EMC​
2014/53/EU – RED​

2014/53/EU – RED

The scope of the RED Directive covers devices (electric or electronic) that intentionally emit or receive radio waves for telecommunications or radiolocation purposes. These are also devices that must be supplemented with an additional element (eg an antenna) so that it can intentionally emit or receive radio waves for the needs of radiocommunication or radiolocation.

2014/34/EU – ATEX

The summary of the positive mandatory assessment of the product working in a potentially explosive atmosphere is the verification of the product marking and issuance of the EU-Type Examination Certificate and/or Quality Assurance Notification of the production process (QAN) - according to EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 standard.

UAS (drones) certification

We are a certification body accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation (PCA) in the scope of Regulation (EU) 2019/945 on unmanned aerial systems and third-country operators of unmanned aicraft systems.

As the first in Poland, we are able to test and certify (EU-type examination) unmanned aircraft systems to the full scope provided for by Regulation (EU) 2019/945, i.e. for:

  • open category: classes C0, C1, C2, C3 and C4
  • spcyfic category: classes C5 and C6

as well as

  • requirements for a direct remote identification add-on


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