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DRONs Certification

Program of mandatory assessment on UAS/DRON ((EU) 2019/945) + list of technical specifications

ICR Polska Co., Ltd. to meet the needs of manufacturers, importers and users, it conducts voluntary compliance assessment and certification of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (DRON). At the moment, DRON certification is still voluntary, but in the future it will significantly facilitate obtaining a mandatory certificate issued by an EU Notified Body.

On unmanned air systems and unmanned air system operators from third countries, a new Commission Delegated Regulation No 2019/945 entered into force from 1 July 2019. This regulation introduces the essential technical requirements applicable to unmanned air systems operated in accordance with the principles set out in the European Commission Implementing Regulation No. 2019/947 of May 24, 2019 on regulations and procedures for the operation of Unmanned Aircraft. Similarly to other New Approach Directives, the delegated regulation regulates the design, production and placing on the internal market of the EU Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (DRON) performing operations in the so-called open category, i.e. performing operations with the lowest degree of risk. With the introduction of these technical requirements, DRONs will also be subject to supervision in the open category.

According to the implementing regulation, some unmanned aerial vehicles put on the market before 1 July 2022. Which do not comply with the delegated regulation, they can still be operated under the particular conditions set out in Article. 20 of implementing regulation.

The delegated regulation puts the rules for placing on the internal market of the European Union and for the free movement in the EU of unmanned air systems intended for use in the open category. These rules concern, among others the manufacturer's obligation to carry out a product conformity assessment (i.e. DRON assessment) with the requirements set out in detail in the Annex to the Delegated Regulation and the relevant harmonized standards. Therefore, DRONs operated in the open category must have:

As with other EU directives, some of the procedures by which the manufacturer will be able to assess the product's conformity before its placing on the EU market will include certification, i.e. a third party conformity assessment - notified body (in accordance with Regulation 2019/945).

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