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We perform comprehensive testing of machines, including those listed in Annex IV of Directive 2006/42/EC. The tests are carried out in an accredited laboratory or - in cases justified by, for example, dimensions of the tested machines - at the Customer.

Machine tests


We perform tests of electrical and electronic equipment in our accredited laboratory in accordance with standards harmonized with the LVD, EMC and RED directives. We test both general-purpose equipment as well as automation components, measurement systems or medical devices.

Medical Devices

In our accredited laboratory, we perform tests of electronic and electrical medical devices in accordance with the standards of the EN 60601 and EN 80601 series.

testing of electronic and electrical medical devices

Biocompatibility of medical devices

In our laboratories, we perform the following tests of biocompatibility of medical devices in accordance with the standards of the ISO 10993 series:

Ex equipment intended for using in an explosive atmosphere

In our accredited laboratory, we carry out tests confirming compliance with the requirements of the ATEX directive and the requirements of European standards EN and international IEC/ISO for electrical and non-electrical products and protective systems designed to potentially explosive atmospheres.

Biocompatibility of medical devices

Testing of cells and batteries

Due to the launch of the new laboratory in October 2022, we can offer design tests (accredited tests from 4Q 2023) of cells and batteries in the following standards:

  • IEC 62619,
  • IEC 62620,
  • UN 38.3,
  • UN ECE R100,
  • IEC 62928.
  • UN ECE R136,
  • ISO 12405,
  • ISO 6469-1,
  • IEC 62660-1, -2, -3,
  • UL1973,
  • UL2271