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    Inspections, Audits

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    Ekspertyzy, Opinie

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    FCC / ISED

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    Energy Star

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    EAC, KC & Other


We conduct comprehensive training customized both in terms of subject matter and level to the requirements of the participants.

Inspections are carried out by ICR Polska employees in the entire scope resulting from our technical competence, in particular to confirm compliance with the requirements of the specific standards and the requirements of the directives.

Audits are services performed by ICR Polska that allows you to quickly and reliably submit a comprehensive assessment of a service provider or goods to an entrepreneur. Independence and confirmed competences of ICR Polska auditors allow for objectively assessing the possibilities of the supplier's implementation of tasks entrusted to him in accordance with the expectations and requirements of the contracting entrepreneur.

Expertise, Opinions

ICR Polska, using its experience in evaluating electronic products and machines, and having qualified staff, invites you to take advantage of expertise, opinions and technical analyzes for, among others, administration offices, insurance companies, manufacturers and importers as well as natural person.


FCC - Federal Communications Commission - deals with the admission to use in the US of communication devices such as radio, television, wireless network devices or satellite communication devices.

ICR Polska performs the necessary tests of electrical and electronic equipment in a laboratory authorized by the FCC and registers the product with the FCC system.


ICR Polska provides research, evaluation of the production system and certification of products intended for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres under the worldwide IECEx system in a wide range covering the majority of used methods of explosion protection of electrical and non-electrical equipment.

The testing and evaluation of the production system can be carried out in parallel with the activities resulting from the European ATEX directive.


The UKCA marking is the product marking used for products being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales).

The UKCA marking applies to most products previously subject to the CE marking. The technical requirements (sometimes referred to as ‘essential requirements’) you must meet for the UKCA marking will depend on the product specific legislation for your product.

Conformity with these requirements can also be achieved by using designated standards (which the UK introduced to replace EU harmonised standards). By following designated standards, manufacturers can claim ‘presumption of conformity’ with the corresponding essential requirements that apply to their product.

The UKCA marking can be used now. However, to allow businesses time to adjust, you will still be able to use the CE marking until 11 p.m. on 31 December 2022 in most cases.

We offer confomity assessment by recognized and designated Approved Body for the UK (UKCA), we cooperate with, e.g. in scope of:

– UK Radio Regulations – SI 2017/1206
– UK EMC Regulations – SI 2016/1091

Energy Star

Energy Star is an international program aimed at promoting energy-saving products and reducing the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

Elements of the Energy Star program have been adopted in the common European market, as well as in Canada, USA, Australia, Japan and Taiwan.

The Energy Star label on the product gives manufacturers a competitive advantage on the international market.

ICR Polska provides comprehensive assistance in preparing products to meet the Energy Star specifications, primarily testing and certification.

EAC, KC & others

For our clients - especially those operating on non-European markets - we offer product certification: according to FCC standards (USA and Canada), conformity mark KC (Korea and Asian countries), IECEx for explosion-proof products and IECEE-CB (LV electrical devices) and for the needs of the Euro-Asian Customs Union (EAC).