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Certificates of Compliance

In the oscope so-called voluntary certification – in which the producer/importer certifies the product for additional confirmation of fulfillment of requirements contained in his declaration of conformity (DoC) – we evaluate product's conformity to the requirements of referring to that product standards. The products covered by our scope of accreditation include:

  • electrical medical devices of class 1;
  • cells and batteries;
  • household electric devices: among others ovens and hobs, cookers, refrigeration appliances, dishwashers, washing machines and washer-dryers, vacuum cleaners and other dry and wet cleaning devices;
  • hygiene and body care devices;
  • heaters electric and gas
  • fans, blowers and air-conditioning equipment;
  • complex kitechen's equipment and refrigeration equipment designed for small catering and trade
  • electric and electronic measuring instruments;
  • hand and portable tools with electric drive;
  • audio, video and audiovisual equipment, IT equipmentas well as office equipment and control apparatus for home use;
  • distribution machines and vending machines;
  • electric drives and rotating machines: induction, synchronous and commutator motors; rectifiers, converters and stabilized power sources, transformers and chokes
  • hydraulic and pneumatic drives and controls; equipment for chipless machining, including presses, injection molding machines; machines for the rubber and plastic industry and all protective equipment for machine safety;
  • and many more ...


 Program of voluntary assessment CoC

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