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EN 14065

EN 14065 standard describes the principles of developing a management system ensuring the microbiological quality of textiles after treatment in a laundry. The system established in accordance with this standard complies with the process approach known from ISO 9001, except for the requirements of point 7.3. The standard EN 14065 was established by CEN (European Committee for Standardization) on November 20, 2002, introduced into the Polish Norms collection in the original version in 2003, while the Polish version of the standard was introduced by the Polish Standardization Committee in April 2005. RABC (Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control) is the European standard of conduct for traditional water laundries, as well as those that operate in the so-called the "clean room" concept.

Benefits of the EN 14065 standard:

  • ensuring hygiene conditions for staff,
  • obtaining appropriate hygiene conditions for textiles being subject to laundry processes,
  • ensuring compliance with laws and regulations,
  • showing care for the quality of services and hygiene conditions for customers,
  • facilitating access to new clients and business partners,
  • solution for companies requiring a RABC certificate,
  • increasing the company's competitiveness through the implementation and certification of the RABC system.