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REDCA – Radio Equipment Directive Compliance Association
Association of Notified Bodies under the RED Directive

REDCA was created in accordance with the requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (RED), in particular the requirements for compliance with Art. 26.11 and Art. 38 for notified bodies.
REDCA is a forum for all those interested in the compatibility of radio equipment with regulations and technical standards in the European Economic Area, as well as in countries that have a mutual recognition agreement with the EU, such as the USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Members are primarily Notified Bodies.
Members of the Association meet twice a year in the EEA. Common views and opinions towards the European Commission, ECC, ETSI, ADCO RED and MRA are developed during these meetings.


ExNB – European Coordination Group of ATEX Notified Bodies
European Coordination Group of ATEX Notified Bodies

ExNB was created in accordance with the requirements of the directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX), in particular requirements for compliance with Art. 21.11 and Art. 33 for Notified Bodies.
The ExNB Group ensures that all Notified Bodies work according to uniform guidelines. These guidelines, established during the meetings of the members, are published by the group secretariat in Clarification Sheets.

TEAM -NB, European Association of Notified Bodies for Medical Devices was established in 2001.
Today, the association has more than 40 members from 20 different countries.

This association promotes high standards and protects the interests of Notified Bodies.


International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx System)

The worldwide IECEx system was created to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in explosive atmospheres (Ex equipment/products), while maintaining the required level of safety.


Representatives of ICR Poland actively participate in the work of the following Technical Committees in PKN (Polish Committee for Standarization):


  • KT 11 for Telecommunication
  • KT 19 for Aviation and Astronautics
  • KT 56 for Rotating Electrical Machines as well as Electric Driven Hand and Portable Tools
  • KT 63 for Electric Household Equipment
  • KT 64 for Electrical Equipment in Explosive Atmospheres
  • KT 67 for Electric Medical Devices
  • KT 104 for Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • KT 158 for Safety of Machinery and Technical Equipment as well as Ergonomics - General
  • KT 177 for the Design and Production of Military Arms and Equipment
  • KT 247 for Medical Materials and Biomaterials
  • KT 269 for Chemical Safety
  • KT 304 on System Aspects of Electricity Supply