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EMC 2014/30/EU – electromagnetic compatibility

All electrical or electronic devices or installations interact with each other in a conductive manner (power supply network, connections to peripheral devices, equalizing connections, etc.) as well as in a radiated manner if the distance between them is small. The goal of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is to maintain emission levels of disturbances as well as levels of immunity to disturbances to the extent that they can work without failure. EMC means all existing and future techniques and technologies to reduce interference and improve immunity. 

Entries EMC directive care to limit electromagnetic emissions of devices, to ensure that when used as intended, such devices do not interfere with radio and telecommunications connections, or other devices .

The directive also regulates the immunity of such devices and is intended to ensure that this equipment is not subject to interference by radio waves, radio or other impulse (BURST / SURGE) as well as electrostatic discharges, etc. if used as intended.

A summary of the positive mandatory assessment of the product in the field of electromagnetic compatibility is the issue of the EU Type Examination Certificate.


Program of mandatory assessment on EMC (2014/30/EU) + list of technical specifications

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