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III 2020

Dear Sirs,

ICR Poland informs that:

- since 26th March, ICR Polska stopped accepting new certification inquiries in scope of covid-19 related products,
- all certificates issued by ICR Poland within the scope of covid-19 related products are voluntary basis
- voluntary certificates are not required by any legal act and are not equal to conformity assessment procedures restricted for notified bodies in that scope
- voluntary certificate is not obligatory to import goods to EU market
- voluntary certificate does not entitle manufacturer to affix CE mark on its product
- CE mark is designed to be placed on the product according to EU relevant regulation after fulfilling product applicable essential requirements
- all issued certificates in period of 1st - 26th March 2020 in scope of products related to Covid-19 has been withdrawn and ICR Polska is processing their re-issue on new certificate template and new identification numbers
- ICR Poland decided to conduct process of withdrawn and re-issue due to number of invalid or fake certificates and to make full clarification to certificate user about its condition and scope by re-editing its content
- from March 26th, the following stamp is no longer in use in ICR Polska certificates

status of certificate can be checked:
online database is in its developmental stage, hence it may miss information and does not contain all data about certificate requires for identification.
ICR Polska upgrades database on a regular basis, yet certificate validity can also be confirmed through:

- ICR Poland has uploaded valid voluntary certificate template and examples of invalid certificates, that pretend to be issue by ICR Polska: 

certificates issued according to test report provided by China supplier Shanghai MICEZ Equipment Testing & Technical Co., Ltd. has not been re-issued and remains invalid or fake

- ICR Poland upload all certificates recognized as fake or invalid to online database